Thursday, March 7, 2019


I was raised Catholic. I went through my first communion, but was never confirmed. My wife was raised Catholic, and I honestly can’t remember how far into the process she got. We were married in a Catholic church, and we baptized all of our kids.

I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore, although I still carry the baggage of the religion. I don’t consider myself much of anything, really. We don’t go to church. We are not raising our kids with any particular religion, much the consternation of my mom. If I did go to church, I would go to a Catholic service. That’s all I really know. Even though I don’t buy into the dogma, I do enjoy the tradition of the service. I like the idea that the same tradition and ritual has gone on for hundreds of years.

What’s the point? All that’s prologue to the idea that I decided to give up candy for Lent this year. I’m also going to not eat meat on Fridays. Why? No real reason. As I explained to the wife when she teased me about being so pious, both are good things to do. I shouldn’t be eating so much damn candy anyway, and a day without meat does not hurt. Fasting and abstinence in moderation is good for the body and mind, right? Well, we’ll go with that. The coincidence of the religious observance gives me a good excuse.

If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ll last to the weekend. I’m too weak, and Hot Tamales are too damn good. I’ll keep you updated on how it plays out.

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